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There will be a presentation on the animations project at the APS-MAS meeting in October

New Resources
View Resource HD Transverse and Longitudinal Waves

A longitudinal or compression wave is created by a disturbance that is along the direction the wave will travel. A transverse wave is created by a disturbance that is perpendicular to the direction the wave will travel.
View Resource HD Rectified 3 Phase

This animation shows the flow of current in 3-phase AC to DC rectification circuit, a well as a plot of the three input currents and the output current.
View Resource HD Magnetic Forces and the DC Electric Motor

The forces on the wire segments of the current loop in an electric motor depends upon the geometry of the loop (relative to the magnetic field) as well as the direction of the current. This animation illustrates those forces and the role of the commutator in switching the current direction so that torque on the loop continues to keep the loop spinning.
View Resource HD Charging by Induction

This animation show a conductor can acquire charge through the process of induction. A charge is brought near an isolated conductor. The conductor is connected to ground, allowing some charge to leave the conductor. The Conductor is then disconnected from ground, and the inducing charge is removed, leaving the isolated conductor with a net charge
View Resource Galileo and Motion

Galileo studied the motion of objects rolling down an inclined plane, and made note of patterns in those motions which he extrapolated to the motion of falling objects.

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