Applets for Physics, Astronomy and Math

(mostly) by Michael R Gallis
A few of these animations are mere adaptations or slightly tweaked implementations of others works, and are linked here for easy reference by my students.

The .jar files are completely self contained versions of the applets.  PC users can right click to save them to their own computer.  My work is GPL'd following the Open Source Physics project policy, source code available by request.  Any narrative is distrbuted under a Creative Commons License.

Physics Applets


Graphical Exploration of Motion (self contained .jar)

An exploration of Kinematics in 2-D (self contained .jar)


Projectile Motion (self contained .jar)

Addition of Vectors and the Force Table (self contained .jar)

Potential Energy Explorer (self contained .jar)

Roller Coaster Physics (self contained .jar)


Waves on a String: Traveling Waves on a String with Fixed Ends (self contained .jar)

Electricity and Magnetism

E-Field Plotting  (self contained .jar) ( adapted from Particles and Walls by Francisco Esquembre)

em-field plotting , Coulomb's Law Exploration (from the Physlet Project of Davidson College Physics Department, not by mrg3)

Oscillations, Waves and Optics

Harmonic Oscillations from Circular Motion (self contained .jar)

Oscillations  (self contained .jar)( adapted from Force Oscillations by Francisco Esquembre)

Multiple Slit Interference and Resolution of Spectral Lines (self contained .jar)


Newton's Cannon (self contained .jar)

Math Applets


Graphical Evaluation of a Function, and its First and Second Derivatives (self contained .jar)

Direction Field (self contained .jar)


Vector Addition and Subtraction (2-D) (self contained .jar)

Multiplication of a Vector by a Scalar (2-D) (self contained .jar)

Vector Addition and Subtraction (3-D) (self contained .jar)

Multiplication of a Vector by a Scalar (3-D) (self contained .jar)

Cross Product of Two Vectors (self contained .jar)

Lines in Space (self contained .jar)

Conic Sections

Slicing the Cone  (self contained .jar)

Ellipses (self contained .jar)

Parabolas (self contained .jar)

Other Math Applets

Roots of Polynomials (self contained .jar)

These applets are created using the Easy Java Simulations Package and/or are adapted from the EJS example applets