Animations for Physics and Astronomy
These animations are available for use under a Creative Commons License.

by Dr. Michael R. Gallis
Penn State Schuylkill
Select a category from the menu at left to browse the catalogue of animations by category. Most animations are 512 by 384 pixel avi files and are generally several megabytes long. Small screenshots are provided, and the user may view the animation in three ways: direct link to the media file, and two versions of a link to a page with the animation embeded in a web page with a brief comment on the animation. There are two methods used to embed the animation because not all work equally well with any one method. You can right-click on the media file link to save an animation to your own computer.
Project Page
The animations project has its very own YouTube Channel.
CWIS Portal to the Animations. The portal allows searching as well as browsing of animation topics.
A blog has been created to discuss the creation of the animations.
-=Papers and Presentations=-

Artificial Video for Video Analysis, MichaelR. Gallis to be submitted to The Physics Teacher: draft paper and zipped files: 1D activities files, 2D activities files, Millikan virtual lab files (large file), all activities files, (large file).
3-D Animations for Introductory Electromagnetism, MichaelR. Gallis presented at CPS-AAPT 2005 Spring Meeting   -Presentation
Elementary Animated Illustrations of Geodesics using POV-Ray , Michael R. Gallis (unpublished)
Animations for Introductory Courses, Dr. Michael R. Gallis and Dr. Ping Wang presented at the 2004 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition:   -Presentation  -Paper
See also Visual Mathematics by Dr. Michael R. Gallis and Dr. Ping Wang
Creative Commons License
These works are licensed under a Creative Commons License.